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bullet Lines
bullet Stop Bars
bullet Give Way Bars
bullet Chevron Bars
bullet Directional Arrows
bullet Temporary markings
bullet Line Removal (either Blacking out or Machine Grinding)
bullet Cats Eyes
bullet Traffic Signs
bullet MCIC Card Holder


We specialize in new Car Park markings and re-painting existing Car Parks. We can also do any lettering or numbering you require for your car parks.


Clear, bright car park line marking in Melbourne’s car parks, as well as easy-to-understand car park line signage and direction, is crucial for car park safety and functionality, no matter the business type. In Melbourne’s densely populated commercial districts, clearly delineated car park line marking in Melbourne’s many car parks ensures that enough spaces are reserved for customers and staff, so that the commerce around your business runs smoothly.

We all know the headache of trying to find a car park in a commercial area when residential or non-customer parking has blocked availability. Often, motorists won’t be aware that car parking is reserved unless there’s clear signage. Faded or poorly drawn lines can also lead to inefficient use of car park space, as fewer cars fit into parking areas, owing to a lack of clearly guiding car park lines. With 亚洲欧美色综合图,亚洲图色’s car park line marking Melbourne businesses can better facilitate customers – and improve turn over!

亚洲欧美色综合图,亚洲图色 have thirty-five-years’ experience in car park line marking in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. This strong tradition has been built on the back of attentiveness to our customer needs and affordable quality services. We’ve seen the benefits of our services throughout Melbourne!