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bullet Hopscotch (straight, snail, rocket and other designs)
bullet Handball
bullet Courts: Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Football, any design
bullet Wall Targets
bullet Locomotion Track
bullet Numbers Games
bullet Snakes and Ladders
bullet Human Draughts
bullet Mazes
bullet Footprints

bullet Chessboard
bullet Any other designs
bullet Working with Children Card Holder


亚洲欧美色综合图,亚洲图色’s school line marking in Melbourne school grounds can be a great educational tool. There are a number of benefits to school line marking – not only can it enhance playing areas by providing boundaries and guidelines for games such as basketball, four square, or hopscotch, it can also be used for marking out safety areas, as well as designated areas for certain activities. With our school line marking Melbourne schools can also mark out assembly halls, as well as fire safety drill points.

Line marking can also play a crucial role in the smooth operation of pick up and drop off at schools. Using both line marking and signage, parents can be directed where to wait for children, where to pick up, waiting times etc. – if it works for airport car parks it can work for your school too!

In short, line marking can play a pivotal role in the safety and functionality of your school.

亚洲欧美色综合图,亚洲图色 have thirty-five-years’ experience in the industry and have built a solid reputation among the Victoria community as the line marking specialist for schools, sport grounds and leisure centres. It’s the quality of our services, our customer loyalty and word-of-mouth that have kept us securely in the business for so long. All our staff have valid Working with Children checks.