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Playground markings in Melbourne’s schools, parks, leisure centres, medical centres or other corporate spaces, can greatly improve students and children’s use of those spaces. A well-marked playground can really inspire the kids’ imaginations – perhaps our adult customers will remember the hours spent on hard-fought games of four square or handball, or hopscotch, when they were children! Brightly marked areas for play of sports can keep kids engaged and active – a central goal of many PE teachers across the greater Melbourne area.

We have thirty-five-years’ experience in the industry, during which time we have established a strong reputation as the leading service provider for playground markings in Melbourne, among many other services. We have lain lines in playgrounds in countless schools, leisure centres and other areas. Thanks to our quality materials and equipment, lines won’t need to be redrawn in a few years’ time. Our markings are made to last. It’s this superior quality of service that has kept us in business so long. With Action Linemaking, you know you’re getting the best playground markings Melbourne has to offer.

All our staff are Working with Children card holders, so that the safety of children interacting with our workers is assured. All of workers are also OH&S Card holders, so all our work is completed to the utmost safety standard. Call us today and bring your playground to life!