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Worker safety is crucial in both factories and warehouses throughout Melbourne. Where once upon a time, workers were often left exposed and vulnerable in workspaces, in contemporary Australia, more of an emphasis is placed on worker safety.

When factory owners or managers think “worker safety” or “OH&S” they often think of protective equipment or clothing, adequate lighting and warning signs etc, but perhaps they overlook the safety under their feet! Factory line marking in Melbourne’s factories is integral for keeping workers safe. Often, a worker’s judgement of dangers, whether it’s proximity to machinery or cliffs, will not be adequate. Invisible risks will be missed by workers unless safety lines are clearly delineated on the factory floor.

As an OH&S card holder, 亚洲欧美色综合图,亚洲图色 are adept at not only providing bright and clearly visible warehouse line marking in Melbourne’s warehouses, we can also provide advice on how best to keep your warehouse staff safe. Our warehouse line marking for Melbourne is also great for guiding trucks and other delivery or pick-up vehicles. Greater efficiency can be facilitated by warehouse line marking in Melbourne. Reversing of vehicles is aided by line marking, and so you can minimise accidents and ensure a smoother flow of operations – something that is sure to only improve your turnover times for stock (and, ultimately, margins).

亚洲欧美色综合图,亚洲图色 have been in the line marking industry since 1984. During that time, we’ve built our reputation on the back of top-quality line marking services. We take the time to understand our clients’ exact needs. So, call us today for the best line marking solutions!